Narwey 5025 Makeup Brushes Holder Organizer Travel Cup Storage

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  • Fit around 15 brushes of medium to small size, like a couple of face brushes and several eye brushes. It certainly could hold more eye makeup brushes if they are small.
  • Convenient to pack and carry all your makeup brushes in a compact but sturdy container when travelling without worrying that the brushes would be flattened by your other belongings.
  • When at home, the brushes sit in one side of the two parts and are easily accessible. You could convert it into two holders for more storage.
  • A lot of dust settles in the room, you need a makeup brush case to protect the brushes from dust.
  • Made of PU leather with snap shut, size in 3.1"x3.1"x9" / 8x8x23cm.







- This makeup brushes cup is great for your make-up brushes for everyday storage, ease of use, as - well as pefect size when you are travelling without worrying the brushes would be get damaged.
- It becomes two holders when it is open which you could get more storage use.
- It holds several large face brushes and tons of eyebrushes, and snap shut.

Customer Reviews

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Iife saver

I traveled with several small bags. This loved me to pack all my personal needs in one organized place.

Jennifer J.

Great quality! Great for traveling. Holds a lot of makeup and big enough to fit my daily brushes. Love the color. Definitely recommend.

Perfect for vacation

I used this for vacation and it was sooooo good and spaceish. I love it ill be getting some for my family for Xmas.

jess m
Durable cute and holds a lot

Holds a ton of products. I organized each type of product into a small case (Ipsy toiletries bag) and put those in this. Holds many! Full size bottles fit. Durable and cute pattern. Easy to wipe down in case of spills

Cute and does its job

This makeup bag is super cute and does its job, but like most reviews mention, the sides are a little flimsy, so unless it’s super packed full, it’s not going to stay completely upright. Also, the longer larger brushes fall out of the top compartment regularly as it opens, so I wish there was a way to latch that plastic cover down. The little zipper pouch that Velcros in is super useful to hold smaller items. Overall it serves its purpose for me to keep everything together for on-the-go and travel.