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Travel is undoubtedly exciting, but the tedious packing that precedes a trip is often an annoyance. The flight in Tomorrow morning, if you do not want to packing until the last second, it must be very tiring. Most people throw clothes and household items into their suitcases and wait for the next time they arrive at their destination.

As a fashionable traveler, you are not have to be inelegant. Orderly arrangement of luggage, can not only reflects the gentleman's character, but also greatly improve the quality of travel.


If you're in the habit of folding every piece of clothing to fit your suitcase in the same way as your wardrobe, it can be hard to find clothes when you're carrying them. But if you roll your clothes up, you can not only save more space, but also reduce the wrinkles and keep them flat!

If it is relatively light clothing, you need not to worry about the roll is not tight enough and will come loose, you can use socks to solve this problem.

Smooth out and fold the clothes, Sack the socks on the collar with the socks facing outwards. After the socks are rolled up, the socks are covered in reverse, which is small and convenient.

If it is a summer trip, shorts and thin trousers which are not easy to wrinkle can be rolled up like a jacket. Then what to do with the easy wrinkled Jeans, trousers, smoking pants and material thicker trousers?

Lay about half of it flat on the bottom first.

Then fill the flat surface with a thin layer of clothing (or shoes, skin care products, etc.).

You can put in a thicker coat if it is a winter travel.

Finally, wrap the pant leg in turn, so that the clothes have a good support, the crease of the pants will also be very effective to reduce, simple and practical.

Girls' bra can not be compressed by heavy objects, it is better to be filled with underwear. It can ensure the bra's shape and save space.

Shoes also take up a lot of space, socks can be rolled up and put into shoes. It can not only to save space and used as temporary shoe support, when taking it also convenient.

If you need to bring more than two pairs of shoes, it is recommended to buy a storage bag.

You can't go to the beach without a wide-brimmed hat. Put clothes in your hat pockets, so they don't get squashed or take up space.

Toiletries are the must have things in your travel. You should choose a toiletry bag which can save space and offer high-quality using experience. A toiletry bag with hook allows hanging the toiletry kit from towel rack, coat hook or whereever is available, making your toiletries and cosmetics displayed well for easy access and saves counter space as well. 

Electronic products

If you are not traveling on business or have important work to do, it is not necessary to bring your computer, and if you don't have the habit of reading regularly, don't bring a Kindle or a paper book. Trust me, you really won't take it out. I had flied to Frankfurt with a friend, she bought a magazine at the airport before leaving, and has not seen the book until now...

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