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What's in your makeup bag when you travel? Is it light and easy to use? Let's talk about my travel gear today!

1. Wash Protect

Bath (body & hair)

Pack a shower product in separate bottles or just take a small travel outfit during your journey, no special precautions. Tablets or 30ML of wash and care products are fully adequate for the three days travel. If your hair quality is very poor, you can take a single hair mask depending on the day. I have a lazy magic weapon - for me who have the dry hair is completely enough - it is the tablet sample of l 'oreal essential oil, which is convenient and easy to use as a free gift when buying essential oil (I think l 'oreal essential oil is always the most cost-effective hair care essential oil, so I bought many, many, about $0.15/1 tablet (there is no specific shop, you only need to search in Google). Before taking a shower, squeeze about half of the essential oil into your hands and apply it to the end of your hair. After about five minutes, you can wash your hair (during this time you can wash your face, remove makeup, brush your teeth, etc.). After washing your hair, blow-dry it and apply the remaining essential oils to the end. No conditioner, no mask, no knots or dryness. My hair is medium long and dry, and I suggest you try to use it at home before you go for a travle, so that you can evaluate the dosage of the oil you will use in you travel.


Toothbrush: electric toothbrush (Philips 6780) can be used for 7-10 days in the morning and night if fully charged, and 5-7 days if Shared by two people. The travel box can hold two brush heads! It can be checked or boarded.

Toothpaste: small sets toothpaste can be found at many toothpaste Flagship store of major brands. They are small and easy to carry. Hermes toothpaste has a nice travel outfit you may love.

Floss and small bottles of mouthwash (According to demand, general convenience stores also have listerine mouthwash in travel sets)

Face cleansing & care

Take Make-up Remover in Travel pack or sub-pack of your daily use, eye and lip remover products are also the must have things, do not be lazy, bring them together!

My cleaning equipment:

Face Cleaner: Luna mini2

Makeup Remover: Ke Run makeup remover (30ML divided by oneself, can be used for about 10 days). Samples sent from the counter, such as zero's makeup remover, can be used for about 3~5 times.

Eye and lip makeup removal: Clinique eye and lip makeup removal travel outfit (good design, and providential cleaning force, do not hurt eyes). Maybelline eye - lip makeup removal sample, cheap and convenient (I'm a bargain girl, HA~HA~)

Clinique water remover foam cream travel outfit, cleanliness is very good and do not need to use facial cleanser, the saving dosage, I use the travel outfit about 30ML for a year (maybe because I go out less... )

Morning cleanser: SKII facial cleanser travel pack is cheap and easy to get, it is gentle and clean as a morning cleansing

Make up cotton: any travel pack in any brand

Water Cream: I will take the samples from the counter, I rarely divide them. Take according to your own needs.

It smells like alcohol, but no tingling feeling when wipe on the face, and the texture of the lotion is not thick but moisturizing the effect is very good! Duo Xi is always on sale that we can buy big and get small. To prevent moisture is not enough, I take overnight cream, but it is a subtropical place I will go this time, so milk is fully enough! Eggshell mask is emergency use, for example, when the face desquamate, it can be sleep mask in the evening. Makeup will be more obedient if you apply this mask when get up in the morning. If it is a very short trip (1-3 days) you can completely take a piece of water cream mask, throw away when they are used up. 5G eye cream will last about 7 days. I haven't used tablet eye cream yet. I guess one or two days is enough. Lip balm is just with you, recently lip state is good so completely OK, if the lip state is not good, it is recommended to take lanzhi lip membrane.

Mask: according to the needs! If you will go for a dry place and your skin will peel, use aloe vera gel. It's cheap and easy. Aloe vera gel is about $0.3 with the bottles, one day a part. If you are a lazy person, you can also take the face mask of ruotianlan, the moisture is very good! If you are afraid of allergies, you can take chamomile flower water/mask, there will be relief.

2. Bottom Makeup

The most important of Bottom makeup is to stick and persistent. Otherwise it would be really awkward. It is suggested that if you can buy travel clothes, you still need to buy travel clothes, because some friends have encountered the situation that checked luggage resulted in the whole bottle of foundation breaking.

My usual equipment:

Foundation: MUF gouache, for oily skin you can opt for estee lauder's DW, which is long-lasting and conceals flaws, but not recommended for dry skin. This one from lancome is really good! And white fits my skin tone very well, the endurance is OK! Travel all day, the sweat did not take off makeup too!

Sunblock: I used lanzhi before, which is not bad, but only 30+. This time I bought lancome's sunblock, which is 50+, not white, but has a certain degree of moisture and a little touch up effect.

Loose powder: Take what you usually use!

Concealer: For the powdery bottom I take is too thin, concealer is necessary! I brought Nars, which is super convenient to cover black circles

Makeup tools: recommended air cushion puff. Spread stucco is a flat head that takes casually brush, just set to its brush set.

3. The Colour Makeup

Lasting and versatile is the key!

Eye Makeup:

Eye shadow: I prefer red personally, so I always take ruby of luna SAO, BAE of colorpop and mermaid of MAC. Eye shadow in accordance with their usual preference is good, but eye shadow plate also has the opportunity to break, if the consignment remember to label fragile! Or take eye shadow!

Normally I will bring two brushes only, because the small brush of luna SAO itself is overmuch. Take an eyeliner brush again, a small eye shadow brush, and two concealer brush.

Eyeliner & eyebrows & eyelashes: KISSME and VIC eyeliner, one black and one brown. I only wear inner eyeliner because I'm afraid the outer eyeliner will take off, so I don't make up it. I drew my eyebrows with solone's eyebrows! Cheap and convenient. If you don't have a solone, just take a double-headed eyebrow pencil. MUJI's eyelash curler is very durable and has been used for many years. If you are worried about Japanese products recently, you can also choose it. It looks like MUJI and is said to work well. The mascara of VIC must be taken with you. The size of the brush head will be more suitable for lazy people like me. Kate eyelash base is very easy to use actually also, but dosage is very quick, so I changed the ironing eyelash implement of panasonic, roll become warped and finalize the design effect is very good!

Lasting! So I take labial glaze or catch labial fluid. I take Xiaopangding and Lazy egg catch labial fluid this time, durable degree is very good. It won't feel dry with no base, convenient good besmear. A small one doesn't take up room.

Take one sent by counter is ok! 1 milliliter can be used about twice

Small Tips For Packaging

For beauty, what I said above all should be take with! So, How To Organize Your Makeup Bag?

Pick a proper wash bag and a makeup bag to handle them.

A medium size toiletry bag and a makeup bag are sufficient. Actually, separate pack can save more space. It is ok to stuff them into the gap among the clothes inside the suitcase! A Narwey wash bag. Narwey toiletry bag is highly recommended.

Narwey 1114 flamingo Travel Toiletry Bag features a main compartment with several dividers, which can keep all your items neatly organized and easily accessible.
Put your toiletrix in the big box below, Cosmetics go in the little lattice above. Surprisingly, the bag comes in two sizes. Big size for the girl who take more items, and the small size is suggested for who like light make-up with less toiletries.

Both size are in waterproof and durable nylon and soft padding provide full protection to your toiletries and other essentials, preventing scratches, spills and bumps.

As a makeup bag, 5023 is quite outstanding.

The beauty makeup items one shoud take in the travel are probably these. Incredibly wrote for two hours long, Hope to help you who has the patience to get here

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