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Do you often see a girl rummaging through a huge makeup bag in the bathroom of a school, restaurant, department store, bus stop, airport, or movie theater like a groundhog? Especially the Japanese girls, they use a handbag almost as the treasure bag exaggeratively.  Their can pull out a dressmaking spray with they left hands, and pull out a comb with their right hands , and maybe they can make a hair dryer. No doubt, they'll actually pull out a hair dryer in the next second.

The items in the makeup bag are generally not quite the same because everyone's skin type and makeup requirements are different. Some people like to take everything they can take with them when they go out. I used to take everything I could with me, but now I try to keep it as simple as possible, choosing different bags and cosmetics depending on the size and style of the bag and the day's travel plan.

I'm going to give you some tips on the selection for makeup bags and  Cosmetic bags.

All cosmetic bags can be roughly divided into two kinds - the flat and the three-dimensional. Flat makeup bag is relatively shallow, it is easier to turn things over when opening it. But you'll find that everything piles up every time you open it. Of course, flat cosmetic bags can also be useful. For example, if you put them in tote bags or computer bags and schoolbags, the cosmetics in flat cosmetic bags can be made flat and suitable. When putting a few small bottle, the Flat makeup bag can be more convenient for arrangement than the stereo bag when you go out for travel. The Flat cosmetic bag can saves more space when you put in cosmetics with tiled way , and won't make a make up become bulging.

However, flat bags are more likely to be squeezed and if you need a hand cream/face cream in your make-up bag, look for something in rotating lid. Otherwise, you might find it's full of sticky paste when your open the makeup bag one day.

This three-dimensional makeup bag is my personal favorite. It's easier to go through things, and it's not like a flat makeup bag. It is more suitable for the backpacks in half round, or backpacks in relatively wide base.

This may be a good choice.

In normal circumstances, because The girls should prepare three make-up bags according to the clothes of the day, and the convenience for the schedule needs to change frequently.

 - Small makeup bags are usually brought when you go out to see a movie or have a meal, because it usually doesn't take too long, so it doesn't need too much makeup, a lipstick and a mirror are enough.

 - A mid-sized bag is a perfect choose when you need to get outside for a while. For example, when you go shopping with friends, you can take a slightly larger bag, but after all, you need not the go out for a long time, so you don't need to be fully armed. The sun outside will make you sweat, so in addition to lipstick, bring a powder for sun protection, pressure floating powder, and then bring a few cotton swabs to correct eye/lip makeup.

 - Big makeup bag is for a travel, or a more formal dinner in the evening. You need to change a makeup. The eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, oil spray, or even a eyeshadow tray/blush are needed.

The material of makeup bag should be easy to clean. For daily speaking, coriaceous can be cleaned easier, contain waterproof effect is good. The makeup bags in fabrics is a bit more troublesome to clean ,  it is very difficult to clean when they caught lipstick carelessly. Nevertheless the makeup bag in fabrics can be washed relatively well. Wash directly or throw into washing machine is OK, the coriaceous was not so convenient.

I'm going to give you some tips on how to organize your makeup bag in my next blog post. I hope it will be helpful

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